Alloy Wheels

Painttechnics are specialists in wheel refurbishment and alloy wheel repair in the North East

Painttechnics North East Limited offers a broad range of alloy wheel repair solutions, including refurbishment of your kerbed or corroded alloys and our colour change service.

General Alloy Wheel Repairs

Scuffs and scratches on alloy wheels look unsightly and can devalue your car.

Painttechnics can repair all marks, pitting and damage back to the original manufacturer’s finish using our alloy wheel repair system.

All Painttechnics operators are trained to the highest level in the repair of your alloy wheels.

Alloy Wheel Corrosion Refurbishment

Alloy wheel corrosion can be unsightly. The effects can be peeling lacquer, bubbling paintwork and a visible clouding of the wheel’s surface. Painttechnics’ unique repair system allows the operator to take the wheel’s surface back to bare metal and completely transform the alloy wheel back to showroom standard.

Please note: This alloy wheel repairing technique does not work on chrome, machine polished rims and diamond cut wheels.

Alloy Wheel Colour Change

If you would like to enhance your vehicle’s appearance by using our alloy wheel colour change service,  Painttechnics can colour code all wheels to any colour of your choice.

Colour changes can transform your alloy wheel’s colour from normal factory silver to dazzling white, gun metal grey or any specific car body colour for maximum coordination.

If you require any further information about our alloy wheel refurbishment and colour change services please contact us.

Alloy Wheel Protection System

Painttechnics North East Limited offer  an alloy wheel protection system which greatly reduces the risk of wheel damage.

AlloyGator is a tried and tested, cost-effective and durable system which maintains the shiny new appearance of your alloy wheels whilst protecting them from major wheel damage.

If you would like to protect your alloys with Alloygator, please contact us.

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