Dent Repairs

We can offer specialist dent repair and car body dent repair including scratches and scruffs

At Painttechnics North East Limited, we are fully equipped to fix any SMART vehicle body repair to your car, motorcycle or commercial vehicle.

This includes the removal of minor dents at a fraction of the price a traditional body shop may charge you. Dents to your vehicle can be easily caused from clumsy door openings to small, accidental collisions. All of these can be easily fixed by a Painttechnics technician.

We can repair vehicle dents in two different ways:

  1. Dent Removal via Glue Pulling
    If you’ve dented your vehicle towards the edge of a panel or in an area where there is little or no access to the back of it a Painttechnics technician will remove the dent by glue pulling. This involves applying glue into a small plastic ‘mushroom’ which is then glued to the outside of the dent and removed using a ‘grip’. Excess glue is then wiped away with a liquid remover, leaving the damaged area smooth and spotless.
  2. Filling and Painting
    Dents which are larger and more awkward to reach located around the edges of panels, wheel arches, roof joints or in plastics may need to be filled and painted to get the damaged area back to good-as-new condition.

So, if you’re looking for a convenient, cost-effective dent repair solution, give us a call and we will get you vehicle looking its best in no time!

If you require any further information about our dent repairs service please contact us.

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