Machine Polishing and Paintwork Correction

Painttechnics are experts in machine polishing for cars in the North East and North Yorkshire

Our machine polishing and paintwork correction SMART service promises to make the paint on your car as good as new (or even better!) If you’d like to remove scratched paintworkoxidised paint or generally give your car’s paintwork a beautiful boost to restore the showroom glow, this service is for you.

The Painttechnics North East Limited machine polishing process can be broken down into several stages:

  1. Giving the vehicle a good scrub
    The technician will begin by thoroughly cleaning your vehicle with traffic film remover, tar and glue remover and a hi gloss shampoo.
  2. Machine Polish
    Your entire car then needs to be machine polished with Farecla compound to remove minor surface scratches without damaging the paintwork.
  3. Glaze
    A Farecla glaze will now be used on your vehicle which polishes the paint surface to a super glossy finish. The glaze is applied by hand and then buffed with the machine polisher using a soft polishing head.
  4. Hand Polish
    The vehicle is now hand polished with a hi gloss wax to further protect and enhance the vehicle’s appearance.
  5. Wheels and Tyres
    The final stage involves a thorough scrub of all the vehicle’s wheels and all tyres are cleaned and dressed.

If you require any further information about machine polishing please contact us.

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